via Daily Prompt: Shine

Setting in the courtyard on an old bench dedicated to someone I had no clue of, the wind bellowed up and shook and shuddered the trees to where the leaves starting falling. Autumn had announced it’s presence. I watched leaf after leaf fall, some plummeted, some cascaded, and some seemed to fly. Then it hit me, no, not a branch or anything physically, no, in my mind the seasons rang through my life, right there in front of my eyes. I had loved a few times, some of them were just like fireflies, short burst of illumination into my darkness. Some of them reflected black the very black ice I was trying to avoid. All in all, through the seasons, whether it be winter or spring, summer or fall, time changes, but the sun, well even if you can’t see it, look around you, you’llsee the affects of it’s shine.

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