The morning comes, the light shatters the dark night to awaken me from dreams, dreams of life, dreams of love, and even dreams of dreams. This morning was perfect as I woke up smiling from dreaming about her. I saw her perched and pondering on a window sill looking out over the city and making a list to do all this good will. Just like her to draw a crowd by speaking her mind and showing her soul, to me she’s picturesque and she’s beyond beautiful, and in her all ways too, she’s amazingly thoughtful.

As a man I see her as a woman, not as an accessory, not as a trophy either, but as a compliment to live up to the challenge of being good enough for her. With that I will always strive to be a better man and help her in any way I can to make a better world, for her, for you, for them, and for us. I don’t care the ego cost, I am her fool, her joker, her one to be on an adventure with.

Passions, that is what makes the Day break Night. Passions, that is what makes all I endeavor for her so right. I give to give and not to receive or have an expectation. I am ruled by doing my convictions right, to be less than that wouldn’t be me. Passions collide, passions never hide, and I give my all as long as I am alive. Passions call me to her.

She has a way about her that inspires me without her even trying, as day breaks night and I am awoken from dreaming, I look up to see if she’s out perched on that window sill.


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