“Be weary of the fearful hearts cause they can draw you in and leave you burning from their indecision. They may be the perfect person for you and you maybe perfect for them and they don’t realize what it is you two have. They can leave you hurting in your world and you’ll become a Mister or Miss Havasham. With only your great expectations keeping you holding on for years to come. It’s not that they do it with ill intention, they just fail to mention that a fearful heart resides within them. Be careful who you give your heart to, I have had mine shattered beyond the cracked in two, but the love you find in life bonds the pieces that remains with loves glue. So what’s a person to do. Watch out for puppy love….it’s a bitch that bites….instead look for the one who loves as you do.”

by Ryan L. Rinehart

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