“So many times I put my arms around you and you put your arms around me and we both felt like it was home. My happiness is just being with you. Constantly our times together replayed in this mind of mine, just remembering your hands touching me, your kiss, the way we dance together. Even in an hour of darkness there is always the light. Who cares if people might be furious with us getting together, they just don’t understand us. What we have. I feel that only with you can I do anything at all. You are the inspiration,  the essence of what this heart surrounds itself.  The words affection and adoration come bare to mind my feelings for you. There is no denying that my dearest love. Your love is like that of God’s love, making a believer and receiver become a kneeler. You are the world I want to be in. The one I want to share everything with for as long as I live and love.”

by Ryan L. Rinehart

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