“If I had a love today on Valentines Day, what would I say? I’d tell her that it’s on every night and every day that her essence is with me in my heart and there to stay. No matter the distance or time away. That she’s the one my heart won as if it was the lottery, but that I am so much richer, not because of her beauty but what she adds to me. I’d let her know that in a crowd or a bunch, she’s always been the one to stand out to me, I’d take the day off, cook her breakfast, treat her to lunch. Then in the evening is where I would exclaim my love and affection in all my adoration right after dinner as if I needed to re-win her. I would describe her beauty of her heart to her and place upon it my own heart like a sculpture, a wondrous work of art. I’d make all the lover’s in the world take notice, this is how you love, this is how it’s done, but alas I’m alone and cannot show it”

“Rinehart’s Poetry” by Ryan L. Rinehart

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