“I believe what is wrong with this world, it’s people, is that not too many say what they truly feel, they hold back, they keep it inside. If they are sad they do their darnedest not to cry. Even when they are happy they won’t dance or sing, when angry they won’t even scream. Is seems they are afraid or ashamed if they felt anything. And shame is one of if not the worst feelings in the world. I don’t get these people or this world anymore. I guess I am a relic. I live in such a way that my heart speaks in nearly everything throughout each day . That’s probably why this gentleman cannot find a real lady. To many hardened hate filled bitches and thirsty hearts just wanting to be called baby all the while crying somebody save me. I am done with anyone who cannot fathom what it takes to be with a real man. To know his mind, to feel his heart, to understand what it is in the touch of his hand. Is she out in this world, will I find this woman, will she be my girl? Possibly a chance encounter will come along matching our hearts and minds so our souls can intertwine. So that we can laugh and cry, dance and sing, have anger at some things, but most of all, to be in love, after all that’s everything.”

by Ryan L. Rinehart

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