“I am not a country boy, a city boy, I am not a cowboy, or a jersey boy. I am a man, simply, perfectly, unapologetically me. I don’t play those foolish games with a woman’s heart, or tease her body and twist her mind, no, I am a man and I cling to the values I’ve gained over my lifetime. I use the rules of a gentleman as a real man should use as a guide. I open doors not because I think she’s unable to, or I will walk traffic side with her on the sidewalk, because I value her. Being a boy is childish, and no room for him in a man’s world. A man has word’s, deeds, and bond’s he must uphold and adhere to. Boy’s don’t know what commitment means or what that kind of love brings. A man knows his principles and where he stands. A boy will touch you with rough fists while a man will always offer you a gentle hand. So if you’re going to say you love me, you better be willing to say it with everything, your words, your actions, your fears, your feelings, your reactions, your touch, your kiss, your dreams, your reality, your heart, your mind, your soul, your essence and beyond anything. Because as a man, I am willing to sacrifice everything.”

by Ryan L. Rinehart

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