She’s a double shot of whiskey on those nights that you need it.

She’s a couple cold ones at the end of the day when you deserve it.

She’s that perfect set of legs wrapped around you at sunset.

She’s the kind of girl you love to lose to in a do or dare kinda bet.

She’s the woman that makes you forget that there are any other girls around.

She’s a hell of a good time when your are out on the town.

She’s not just any girl, she’s a girl that gets me.

She’s everything thing you need even when you’ve got nothing.

She’s the wanna run home to be with girl, can’t get enough of having her around.

She’s my double shot of whiskey with her perfect legs wrapped around me, whether we are home or out on the town, I could have nothing but her and have everything.

by Ryan L. Rinehart

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