“Keep telling yourself that you must not matter or be worth it and you’ll find yourself shattered and left alone. Keep repeating quotes of sadness and loneliness and find yourself living down to those expectations. Keep agonizing over the situations and the misery and grief with keep you bound. Keep asking yourself why you’re like the way you are. It’s simple, you’ve allowed yourself to be this way. You don’t have to remain that way. You have to find your self worth within. No one but you can do this. You have to find where you matter and to whom, this sounds hard but it’s easy. If they make you feel less, feel left out, feel like you are not good enough, you don’t belong to such a person or crowd. You’ve got to let go of those people. This could even be family and friends. You want a happy life, set boundaries and let them be known. They get crossed without apologetic reasons, then cut them off. If it becomes recurrence and apologies abound, cut them off. You’ve got to illuminate yourself to shine through the darkness life can bring. No quote, be it sad or happy, is going to end your suffering. Why am I saying this to you? Because you matter, and you are not alone. Yet you must find this out on your own. I know my worth and it’s made me strong, and yes I too get done wrong, but with boundaries set, I don’t get done wrong for very long.” – Ryan L. Rinehart

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