“In the mornings when you rise and open your eyes does a smile come across your face or do you wear a frown? During the day does the minute feel like an hour or does your time fly away? During the night do you sleep peacefully or are you wide awake with the weight of the crown? So many women want to be a Queen but they don’t know the details of all the unseen, it wouldn’t be something most would like, having to rule and decide everything. If I could show her just one thing, it’s that life is better together then in a monarchy. I don’t need to be a King, I don’t need my way with everything. I, like her, just want to share life’s little something, moments together, to wake up smiling, have the time fly without any thinking, and be with her at night sleeping peacefully. Not a King, not a Queen, something more, better than anything.”

by Ryan L. Rinehart

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