“I enjoyed the way we melted each other, just being real, just being ourselves, no fake compliments for attention, and the way we held each other was phenomenal. Souls that soar together are rare, and we had it all, probably more than our fare share. When passion exceeds anything and everything else for the other person, most will never know this feeling, or see it and call it insane. Love like that doesn’t drive you crazy, it engulfs you to heights of creativity and the betterment of yourself. When you’re their safety and they’re your comfort, magnetism couldn’t be stronger. Tangibly in the touch of reality that real passion is incredibly existent and that we can have it, should be sought for completely. This is our time, reaction and rhyme in voice, in choice, we are each other’s without question and nothing is forced. Strength in our fragile hearts, the feelings of the knowledge that we will never part. Here we are, our souls soar together.”

by Ryan L. Rinehart

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