“As the light reflected off the surface of the lake, I casted out my line, I watched the ripples run wild in every direction, and it took me back in time. I was called back into every time spent with friends and family with all the times fishing, those were moments that I mounted in my heart. Yet there is so much more room to hang new ones. Because within the hearts mind lies vast knowledge of how to proceed with things in your life and perceive actions of those in your life. One must discern on one’s own, the path ahead. For it is within that path you have set a course you must go through till the end. Whether it is a happy or sad journey isn’t found until it has been taken. So listen closely to your heart when it speaks, for if you do not, it just may stop speaking. Quickly I was brought back to the here and now, you see one cannot fish and tell a story, no, first comes the fishing, then comes the stories. And today was another one of those days.”

by Ryan L. Rinehart

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