“I guess what gets me the most these days is the fact that if you’re a man who knows himself and is intelligent, you must not be genuine. The dumbing down of men has taken a toll, guess we are to be like Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin, but those aren’t real people and were in fact made to entertain and not to emulate. I guess that I am too old school, a mans word is supposed to mean something. To have values and substance. You know it was an intelligent mans world for thousands of years. Where our great works of art and literature came from, renowned chefs, the art of romance even was driven by intelligent men. But be one today, gets you mocked, dejected, and usually betrayed. However an intelligent man knows how to bounce back and carry on. Fuck society, and when a man knows himself and has honorably served his country, and people want to think he’s just an arrogant ass, well think again, he’s living life in a way you never will. Beyond the bullshit, beyond the excuses, is where an intelligent man lives. He’s seen life stripped away, he’s seen horrors that aren’t in movies or video games, yet he moves forward every day. So fuck society, and how it treats a guy with intelligence, a guy who knows how to be a gentleman and when not to be, given the chance. Fuck your stereotypes of us white male types too, society blames us for their own personal choices and skewed views. Responsibility is at the individual level, whether you rise or fall, you have the same chances as we all. ”
– Ryan L. Rinehart

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