“It wasn’t what she said or how she said it, it was those eyes that told me things she never would. Those eyes, so potent yet kind, so joyful yet caught in a bind, she was torn as to what to do, a battle ensued between her heart and mind. Except from her perspective they where both in tune to what she wanted and needed to do, it was of others that the line had been drawn, could she be brave enough to break through? It was a matter of choice, but each choice brings about actions and reactions and possible consequences, but that’s how life is, we all have to take our chances. Regrets are a hard thing to live with, knowing you did not try, you did indeed in fact compromise, none of us want that when it is our time to die. So as it was with the hardest of discretion I excused myself to another place, but I couldn’t escape her face, those eyes, they felt so deep, they captivated mine, I have lost my heart and now I am afraid I am losing my mind. All because it was the polite thing to do, to say hi how are you, now I know she has a built in ability to steal away things she wants when she sees, with those eyes, mesmerized and I am hers to do as she pleases, without actions, without words, without mercy.”
by Ryan L. Rinehart

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