So as a humanist, you can’t just be on the sidelines and bitch about everything that’s wrong in the world and wish there was no war, your not a true humanist if you think that way. You’re a delusional loon if you think that way. A true humanist picks the side that is best suited for humanity, who seems to have the outlook and desire for humans to exell and prosper in a community of equality and exceptance and in a place for growth and change. So I ask you, if religion is such a place? Some are evolving, is Islam? I as humanist have looked at Islam and find no quality of life for equality for most people who live in America, who we’ve fought hard for equal rights. Sharia Law isn’t something that is for America. So as a humanist, you can’t defend Islam, you can’t stand on the sidelines and wish war wasn’t a thing, because it is a thing. As a humanist, you must know humanity and except that war is apart of being human and that there are things worth fighting for. Like the rights to be a free human being, free from terror, free from oppression, and possibly one day if ever possible, free from war. But it’s very doubtful. But we can wish. – Ryan L. Rinehart

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