“It seems, as it is, obvious, but look again and you will find the opposite in competition vs. motivation.

Some people think to thrive, one needs uplifting support, the motivation to always be positive, an undying level of support and encouragement.

Really? Do we need that to succeed, do we need or even require that coddeling?

In my humblest outspoken opinion, I believe that competition breeds innovation, and that’s the truest form of motivation.

To be in competition with no one is not competing, to motivate someone without the use of competition will only lead to mediocre results more often than not.

All the greatest victories or results came from competitions, the race to achieve greatness, or excell against someone or something else.

So if you are of the mind that thinks competition breeds losers more often than winners, you are absolutely right, why would want to have the worst, when you can have the best?

Life is a competition, yes, you may not win in all the area’s of life, but the strive to do so, is the motivation. Not the coddled support of a fictitous web that in reality, are just all lies. Go for what’s real, what’s tangible, get in the game of life, go for the win.”

– Ryan L. Rinehart

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