“Labels, damn, I remember the time there was a drive to get rid of these labels and now everyone wants one hanging over them like their own special sign, don’t they know that’s not unity, that’s how you divide. You wanna feel special, have someone say now there goes one damn good human being!
Stop trying to alter a reality perception based on mutual acceptance. Saying it’s not about bathrooms, got it, we know this, but it is about anatomy and public places within our society and as a society is a whole, we are saying, as anatomy is concerned, that a penis is boy, vagina is a girl, use the restrooms according to those.
No persecution, no judgment, you can feel like a whomever. Just defecate in the proper receptacles provided.
The liberals were the ones who believe they were the ones bullied and beaten, but they’ve forgot those who’ve stood up and stood by them all along. Now they’ve become the bully. Bullying society as they were once treated and they don’t see it. They don’t see the hate they spread or the hurt they are causing, even to those who have been by their side the whole time.
Now it goes with this society of two sides, the unreasonable who want oversite and goverment controlled interference in everyone’s life, but still, only if it’s in their interests only. I call these the delusional, radical, brain numbing liberal bullies. They are the cause of the biggest inequality in this country. They over react to situations, they place blame in and on thing’s as they see fit, yet if you disagree with their viewpoint, they as a group will attack you, which in all fairness, they say they are against doing, yet prove the opposite by being extremely violent.
Then there’s the second side of society, I like to call, the original school of thought folks. These people actually try to live the golden rule, yes they fail at it at times, but that gets a lesson learned from it, and they move on, mainly to do better. Not wanting judged or trying to judge. Just wanting to choose, have that choice, and living with the outcomes of their choices. Not wanting oversite and government controlled interference, mainly because they know the history of Dictatorships, and it’s never good for the people of that ailment.
So as it is, we need as a society, that can influence their leadership by rational means, with emotions in check, by allowing us, it’s people, to govern ourselves accordingly without limitations and labels, to be a free people once again, with our liberties, with our justice, for all. As it was written so long ago, in our foundation of this Republic, we call the United States of America.” – Ryan L. Rinehart

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