“As a writer I often reflect on the past experiences of my life and try to derive some wisdom and knowledge from those experiences, and use them to make myself a better person, as well as pass onto the reader the same lessons. So when I compare and contrast the past with the here and now, I see the what needs to be. We have all had those relationships that we are at odds ends over, even the simple things. Why? I have an idea. When two people are together they have to understand that problems will come up, it’s how we all attack these problems that usually destroy us. Instead of damn near going to war against each other over the problem, we’ve got to realize it’s the two of us against the problem. This is where we must realize and change our plan of attack on our problems. When you learn to do this, problems become barely obstacles to laugh at, because you are a united front. A relationship is never 50/50, it has to be 100/100 in all endeavors. And I will tell you this, the happiness that comes from this is true bliss.” “The Happiness of Hart” – Ryan L. Rinehart

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