It’s there if you’ll listen, the cries of the American Dream, screaming to be saved, yearning to be reveled again, what a touch of an embrace would do to stir the passions contained down deep. Why don’t you rise up and raise ole Glory to the heights she so deserves, why don’t you remember the fallen, the sacrifice made and given because of the idea of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Where the individual is accountable for their actions, where the individual can rise or fall because of their choices. Where is your support for the Constitution, your fellow American, your country? Can you not see that Liberty is bleeding, she’s been beaten and bruised, she needs protection, she needs to be cared for. The silent majority cannot stay silent anymore, rise up in the defense of our nation, rise up in defense of our Constitution, rise up in defense of our children and their futures. You can’t sit this one out, to much is at stake, doing nothing isn’t going to work. Make your actions count, vote by defending the Constitution, the American Dream, the Liberty that’s been fought and kept for so long. Don’t sign away your rights, don’t let the liberal socialist wannabe communist agenda win. Be bold, be brave, do the right thing on election day. #redwave- Ryan L. Rinehart

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